You're not al rocker!

so i'm sitting here, waiting for my hair to dry (i'm not sure how cold it is outside--probably not very--but i'm not taking chances anymore; anyway, i have started using hair care products, something i'd rather not get into, and i have to wait for this shit to dry), listening to the mountain goats' new asian cinema ep, and realizing that i have no money. hence, i'm going to go and sell some cds, which has had a tendency to make me anxious ever since i sold cursive's such blinding stars for starving eyes before giving it the complete listen it so richly deserved. but i think i've selected cds that have pretty much no appeal for me anymore. that doesn't stop me from being nervous, though.

two vaguely related items:

I was reading through the riverfront times the other day at work when i stumbled across an article about the dumbing-down of music magazines. a fairly good article. and then i realized that the article was written by someone with whom i attended a creative writing workshop at bowling green state university in the summer of 1994.

I had a dream the other night that somehow involved an outdoor slaughterhouse (sorta) and large numbers of hummers (the vehicles, you pervert), kind of like a weird melding of blackhawk down and the jungle. sorta. anyway, one of the characters in this dream was a girl who was easily my best friend my sophomore year of high school. a girl i haven't seen or talked to since 1995 or so.

i have realized that i mention my dreams a lot. this isn't to point out how weird my dreams are or anything like that, because i never remember enough of the weird parts anyway. instead, i went for so long without ever remembering a dream. in the past year or so, i've started remembering more and more of them, so in an attempt to avoid forgetting them and their supposed bearing on my life, i have started writing them down. that's all.

A time to end hermitage.

Over the past month or so, I've noticed something. It started with one date here or there. Over time, it's become a little, well, amazing. I've talked here about St. Louis slowly (or quickly, depending...) losing its place in the independent entertainment world. And now, all of a sudden, we're swimming in it. Check this out:

3.08 Hot Hot Heat (Galaxy)

3.09 Evanescence (Pop's)

3.10 Cat Power (Blueberry Hill)

3.12 Brandtson / the Reputation (Hi-Pointe)

3.16 Godspeed You! Black Emperor (Mississippi Nights)

3.17 Pinback / Minus the Bear / Riddle of Steel (Rocket Bar)

3.18 Jello Biafra (Galaxy)

3.19 Songs: Ohia / Impossible Shapes (Rocket Bar)

3.22 The Sea and Cake / Califone (Gargoyle)

3.26 Onelinedrawing / Movielife / A Static Lullaby / Senses Fail (Galaxy)

3.29 Andrew Bird (Off Broadway)

4.04 Aislers Set / Hella / Quails (Rocket Bar)

4.05 Cursive / Appleseed Cast (Creepy Crawl)

4.10 Postal Service / Cex (Rocket Bar)

4.13 Wheat (opening for Guster, though...) (Pageant)

4.15 Xiu Xiu (Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center)

4.15 Q And Not U / El Guapo (Gargoyle)

4.17 Denali (Hi-Pointe)

4.25 And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead / Explosions in the Sky (Mississippi Nights)

I mean, we haven't suddenly become New York or anything, but nearly twenty shows worth seeing in a month and a half (or so) is pretty damn impressive. The question now becomes, will I break my eight month streak of not going to shows that I would probably enjoy? Dunno, but if I don't see Songs: Ohia, Onelinedrawing, Cursive (who circled around to give me a second shot), or the Postal Service, I hereby give all of you permission to kill me.

And I'm also tempted, VERY tempted, to drive to Columbus, Ohio tomorrow to see Rilo Kiley, Mayday, and the Good Life (does Tim Kasher have a home, or does he just tour constantly?!?) play at a place called Little Brothers. Keep in mind that I've been tempted to drive to Ohio anyway, and this show would be a convenient cover for such a trip.

Did I really go five days without posting anything? Man...