I'll be happy right here

i blink, and suddenly my five day break from work is over and i have to be there (for the busiest, hellishish-est day of the year) in under three hours. sometimes i wish that i could control the expansion and contraction of time.

so in case you couldn't tell, my christmas was pretty good. made it pretty much a family affair. so apologies to scott (who will not read this, i imagine), lee (ditto), and maggie (who definitely will) for not calling you. daylight hours were devoted to family or sleep, late nights to (brother) dan and his crue.

notes on the holiday:

i must remember to try to get more than four hours of sleep before i drive to or from dayton. i didn't wreck or anything, but i inevitably need to resort to those damn energy drinks, which make me feel like i'm in the beginning stages of becoming a speedfreak.

the not getting sleep going to dayton was my fault. the not getting sleep before coming back was not really my fault. just for the record.

note to the hershey corporation: not only are you bastards for moving jobs out of hershey, pennsylvania (which i think they did...if they didn't, disregard), but your "pot of gold" truffles aren't very good or truffle-like. so there.

gifts received:

the aforementioned pot of gold.

a jar of popcorn (the old-school kind).

a girly-painted bucket to contain said popcorn when popped.

a plastic cow that poops out jelly beans (yes, you read that right).

two sweaters, one of which didn't fit and the other of which made me look like an ass.

two pairs of courduroys, one of which didn't fit.

underwear (i told my mom i didn't need any, but does she listen? nooooo.)

a measuring cup that allows you to measure by looking down at the cup, as opposed to on the side. very futuristic.

six screwdrivers. not a set of screwdrivers, but six screwdrivers.

a strap wrench (have you seen these things? so ingenious).

a best buy gift card for an unknown amount of money.

two boxes of rice krispies and a box of corn flakes. they were on sale, apparently.

a nice-smelling candle.

other stuff.

money. always in good taste

a good chunk of the money was used yesterday to buy a cd player for my car. it's nice. i'd link to it, but i'm kind of in a hurry here. now all i need is non-blown speakers, and i'm set.

a note: don't try to get a car stereo installed the day after christmas. they're busy, and you'll end up waiting for two hours or more, thirty miles from home, with (obviously) no car, talking to a very nice girl who has been waiting longer than you have, because she was nice enough to let you go first. i know, it's all bad except the end.

i could not find an issue of the magnet year-end issue. i know they would reward bob pollard for burping into a microphone for an hour, but they deserve beatings if they put universal truths and cycles up on their list. c'mon, "cheyenne" is the most annoying song ever made, after that "down with the sickness" song, of course.

my cousin (the marine) admitted to liking the new three doors down single, but when pressed, he said he only liked it because the song was dedicated to the american armed forces.

my extended family gathered around the television for the trading spaces marathon. i avoided watching, because i'd undoubtedly become hooked, and the last thing i need is to be hooked on another show that i can't watch.

i'm sure there's more, but dave's new flight (the one he didn't miss) comes in in about a half hour, so duty calls.

look forward to my top ten of the year, coming in installments starting (hopefully) later today. the timing would be best if i start today.

rip joe strummer. it sucked how i stumbled across that in the paper while looking for the comics.