it is, as of the moment i've started writing this, 10:30 pm. i am supposed to be in ohio, walking through my parents' door, at noon (eastern time) tomorrow. it is a six/seven hour drive, and i lose an hour along the way.

in other words, guess who isn't getting much sleep tonight? yeah, you're right.

but i will be out of commission here (not like i haven't been for the past month? oh, you're so freaking funny and now shut up.) for the next week or so, assuming i don't break down and post some stuff from ohio, which i just might do, if my family is funny enough or i find cool cds at the used cd stores there (i'm not holding my breath, though...either fantatic and all the other cool promoters stopped servicing whatever radio station in dayton was selling kindercore, et al, products to used cd stores all over centerville, or people in centerville have developed taste. i'm not sure which, but either way, the selection sucks now).

so here's wishing you, dear reader, the best of holiday seasons, free from stampeding crowds wanting the last toy-of-the-year (what is it this year, anyway?) and full of people who make you laugh and feel loved. i'll hopefully have those things for five days, and then i'll come back here.

my favorite christmas song ever? it's a tie. "blue christmas" (so emo, i know) and "o holy night." the latter choice is a rotating cast, but the former is always there.

have yourself a merry little christmas.