A confession

You know that Avril Lavigne girl? The young'n with the phat record deal and a tendency to overstate her musical importance (she has none, yet claims she has some), and for that matter, her musical genre (she uses the word "punk" too much)? Well...well...

I like her album. I'm still not sure if it's just that I find the fact that she writes her own songs refreshing, or I just have some sort of creepy thing for her, or whether I actually like the songs.

I'm disturbed by this, mostly because I make a conscious effort to avoid anything that is played on 107.7 (you know the station--probably not the same number, but exactly the same station), and 107.7 plays either "Complicated" or "I'm With You" once every half hour.

That paragraph made me seem like some sort of indie elitist, which, truth be told, I basically am. Will I tell those from now that Avril Lavigne was a touchstone in the transformation of my musical likes?

Forgive me. There's no reason why I should have written this. But I'm trying to get into writing in here more regularly.

Oh, and about the new Crooked Fingers album. Anyone else notice the fact that he's gone from channelling Tom Waits to channelling Leonard Cohen? Not that I'm complaining.