The best years of our lives

the recent lack of weblog activity has been cause by several different factors. one, things are really really busy at work. we're the kind of busy when the bosses say "take as much overtime as you want," which would be great, except the time you already spend at work is so stressful and crapular that you really don't want to take overtime, even after the realization that taking overtime would make your job less stressful and crapular over the next few days. i still took some, though, because daddy (namely me, although i realize that i'm not a daddy, be it a regular, mack, pimp, or sugar) needs a new pair of speakers.

reason number two for no updates is that my life is boring and consumed by things which waste my time in non-constructive ways. i should never have bought any computer games. really, i shouldn't have.

reason number three is that i've been trying my best to get back to the financial point i was at several months ago, where everything (except the student loans, but really, who wants to pay those?) was getting paid in full and on time, and i didn't wake up each day in a panic thinking that some vital utility or another was going to be shut off. i should point out, though, that nothing has been shut off, so it's okay. but the fact remains that i'd like to feel financially responsible again.

that's all the reasons i can think of right now. but i'm sure there were others (and no, i haven't been sleeping too much. it's remarkable, really, but i think it's because they're actually cracking down on being late at work lately, so i actually need to wake up on time).

today was rather full, though. i took my final for my business class, and (since the teacher grades the exam right after you take it, right in front of you) assuming that i calculated everything properly, i have an a in the class for the semester. very nice, considering how attendance was a problem for me.

i also went to a press screening of 25th hour, the new spike lee movie that i didn't even know was coming out until i saw the trailer on cable at the laundromat last week. still not sure what i think about it, in terms of how it fits on the spike lee continuum. but it was pretty good.

you see? i'm all boring lately. i do, however, need to get working on some christmas presents. but for now, sleep.